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extrinsic adj : not forming an essential part of a thing or arising or originating from the outside; "extrinsic evidence"; "an extrinsic feature of the new building"; "that style is something extrinsic to the subject"; "looking for extrinsic aid" [ant: intrinsic]

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  1. external, separable from the thing itself, inessential
  2. not belonging to, outside of


Derived terms


external, separable from the thing itself, inessential
not belonging to, outside of

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Intrinsic describes a characteristic or property of some thing or action which is essential and specific to that thing or action, and which is wholly independent of any other object, action or consequence. A characteristic which is not essential or inherent is extrinsic.
For example in biology, intrinsic effects originate from "inside" an organism or cell, such as an autoimmune disease or intrinsic immunity.
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